Repair Policy Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you understand these Terms & Conditions before completing the Repair Service Form.

CheetahStand is able to do repairs on CheetahStand and CheetahLight branded products.
In addition, we can do repairs on select Godox, Flashpoint and Neewer branded lights.

This service is for out-of-warranty products only. Refer to our
Warranty Service if your product is under warranty.

Repair Process

  • Complete the Repair Request Form
  • Not all products or problems can be repaired. Do not send anything in for repair until you have received an RMA#.
  • We will generally do an assessment by phone, email or video chat to isolate the problem and determine if repairs are possible.
  • After this determination has been made, we will issue the RMA# and provide an address where the items can be shipped.
  • Once an RMA# is issued, items must be postmarked within 14 days of that date.
  • We will also tell you which accessories need to be included in order to complete the repairs.
  • Please do not ship any other items because we cannot guarantee that unnecessary items will be returned to you.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that we receive the equipment, please ship via a method that provides a tracking number.
  • Keep the tracking number for your records

  • Repair Costs
    After we receive your light. we will start to check what's wrong with your unit.
    We will sent you invoice and let you know what we do and how much the cost to repair.
    If you give permission to do the repairs, all charges must be pre-paid before the repairs are done.
    If you want us to repair. simply pay the invoice and we will start work on repair (normally 1 to 3 business day)
    We ship your light back to you with signature required.

    If you decide not to do the repairs, Please let us know by email.
    You are responsible for the return shipping charges if you want the product returned.
    We will sent you a new invoice for return shipping and we will not repair your light

    Repair Warranty

    60 days warranty Parts and Labor on the repair work.(Shipping is not included)

    Complete the following form to begin the process.

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